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What is TIVAManager?

TIVAManager is created for monitoring of calculated perioperative concentration of anesthetics and neuromuscular blocking agents in blood plasma. It can be used for planning and optimization of anesthesia course, sedation and neuro-vegetative blockade in intensive care unit.
TIVAManager was included in the list of the best computer programs for anesthesiology and intensive care physicians:
Cash-diagnostic program in anesthesiology and intensive care, / Pasternak G.I., Tkacheva M.Yu., Litovka R.V., Soleniy B.C. // Medical emergency conditions. - 6 (37) 2011. Read more 

TIVAManager in action
Just thought I should share :
I'm currently rotating at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital. We only have one programmable TCI infusion pump. We successfully used TIVAManager to employ TIVA on two children (one 8 yrs and one 11yrs). Worked very very well!
Use paedfusor for propofol and Minto for remi.

Ettienne Coetzee
Cape Town

The new version of TIVAManager is avilable only for Android. We can't update iOS-version because Apple politics. We so sorry for this but we can't suport this version any more. It's not our guilt. Soon the app will be removed from AppStore.

Features of TIVAManager

Monitoring of concentrations of anesthetics and planing of anesthesia with Target Controlled Infusion
The algorithm of the program uses the PK/PD models of anesthetics and muscle relaxants. The software gives opportunity to simulate the concentration of the introduction drugs as a bolus or infusion pump. By recalculating the different options, you can plan calculated concentrations of drugs to a specific point of time. User can plans infusion rates of the anesthetics by using TCI algorithm. How it works? 

Wide range of PK/PD models
Wide range of pk/pd models of anesthetics and muscle relaxants allows the physician choose the most appropriate model for a particular patient to obtain the mostaccurate results. Besides, during preparation of physicians the software gives opportunity to learn features of the pharmokinetics depending on parametres of the patient. Browsing list of PK/PD models 

Optimization of anesthesia course
It can be used to assess the effect of administering drugs in intraoperative period , quality of premedication, depth of sedation in coma, assessment recovery from anesthesia, at the moment of extubation, before delivering patient to ward.
What recommended plasma concentration? 

Science and education
The program provide simultaneously assesment up to 10 different PK/PD models of anesthetics and allow saving data, which may be basis of scentific investigations and education. The recommended literature for studying 

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