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Aleksandrovich Yuriy Stanislavovich
M.D., Prof., Head of Anesthesiology Department in St-Petersburg Pediatric Medical University.
He manages the focus of research programs.
Krasnoselskiy Konstantin Yur'evich
M.D., PhD.
He develops the mathematical part of the software. Head of research programs

Phone +7-905-205-2953
E-mail: krasnoselsky@mail333.com
Salnikov Vitaliy Gennadievich
M.D., PhD.
Software developer. He provides technical support to users.

Phone +7-905-215-3573
E-mail: vit9000@mail.ru, svg9000@gmail.com
Shirinbekov Nazim Rasimovich
M.D., PhD.
He is engaged in the clinical testing of the product.

Phone +7-905-214-6302
E-mail: docnazim@mail.ru