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Available PK/PD models in TIVAManager

In the table showed PK/PD models, which available for usage in the TIVAManager.

DrugAutorAgeUsed parameters
DiprivanHuges M., 1992from 16 yrsweight
DiprivanMarsh B., 1991from 16 yrsweight
DiprivanSchnider T.W., 1998from 16 yrsweight, height, age, sex
DiprivanKataria B.K., 19943-13 yrsweight
DiprivanKataria B.K., 19943-13 yrsweight, age
DiprivanPaedfusor, 19983-13 yrsweight
DiprivanSchuttler J., 20002-88 yrsweight
Thiopental sodiumHuges M., 1992from 16 yrsweight
Thiopental sodiumStanski D.R., 199226-81 yrsweight, age
MidazolamGreenblatt D.J.,1984from 16 yrsweight
MidazolamMathews H.M.L., 19882-10 yrsweight
MidazolamMaitre P.O., 1989from 16 yrsweight
MidazolamBuhrer M., 1990from 16 yrsweight
MidazolamHuges M., 1992from 16 yrsweight
KetamineHerd D.W., 2008from 16 yrsweight
KetamineHerd D.W., 20081-3 yrsweight
KetamineHerd D.W., 20084-8 yrsweight
KetamineHerd D.W., 20088-16 yrsweight
FentanylScott J.C., 1987from 16 yrsweight
FentanylShafer S.L., 1990from 16 yrsweight
FentanylGinsberg B., 19963-9 yrsweight, age
AlfentanilScott J.C., 198720-89 yrsweight
AlfentanilMaitre P.O., 198719-91 yrsweight, age
AlfentanilGoresky G.V., 19873-9 monthsweight
AlfentanilGoresky G.V., 19871-18 yrsweight
SufentanilBovill J.C., 198422-64 yrsweight
SufentanilHudson R.J., 198753-81 yrsweight
SufentanilGepts E., 199514-68 yrslinear model
RemifentanilMinto C.F., 199720-85 yrsweight, height, age, sex
Neuromuscular blocking agents
PipecuroniumHuges M., 1992from 16 yrsweight
AtracuriumMarathe P.H., 198916-53 yrsweight
CisatracuriumDrug descriptionfrom 16 yrsweight
CisatracuriumTran T.V., 199818-65 yrsweight
PancuroniumRupp S.M., 198730-57 yrsweight
PancuroniumRupp S.M., 198770-84 yrsweight
RocuroniumWierda J.M.K.H., 1991from 16 yrsweight
RocuroniumWierda J.M.K.H., 19972-8 yrsweight
RocuroniumSzenohradzky J., 199221-65 yrsweight
RocuroniumSaldien V., 20031-10 monthsweight
RocuroniumSaldien V., 20032-10 yrsweight
RocuroniumSaldien V., 200320-50 yrsweight
VecuroniumRupp S.M., 198730-57 yrsweight
VecuroniumRupp S.M., 198770-84 yrsweight
VecuroniumWierda J.M.K.H., 1991from 16 yrsweight